[MLB-WIRELESS] Who looks after the web site?

mw at freenet.net.au mw at freenet.net.au
Mon Oct 13 09:52:52 EST 2008

Good morning!

More specifically, who looks after the google maps kml export stuff?
There's a few things I'd really like to talk about :) like:

1.  how do you get straight lines (altitude) between nodes?  When I loaded
those kml links into google earth, I was blown away to see that the node
links do not follow the groaund terrain like normal ruler lines do - so it
is easy to see when you have p2p line of sight over terrian!  Cool! :)

2.  how about extending the layers from two (nodes and links) to more, like:
active AP nodes, active client nodes, building, testing and interested
nodes, and links.  That way, when scanning the maps (especially in google
earth) for potential hook-ups, it would be neat to be able to show only the
active nodes.   

3.  what options do we have to add snmp control to the node database?  Is
there some api we can use/develop to be able to update state when a node (or
link) goes off/on line?

Anyone interetsed?

Cheers,  Mike.

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