[MLB-WIRELESS] Data Recovery tools?

Mark Aitken nodegxt at yahoo.com.au
Mon Mar 22 18:26:21 EST 2010


A friends son has lost all his VCE notes off his usb key, (why people 
dont back up is beyond me!!!!),  anyway,  they asked the Gamer nextdoor 
and then they ask me.......

I am currently going through the mass of so called data recovery tools 
available on the net both free and pay varieties with mixed results.

One, ParetoLogic data Recovery reports back a heap of files but I am 
suspicious  of unknown software that is just  to good to be true!  Bit 
like  "lets scan your computer
for  malware....OMG,  we have found heaps,  buy our product and we will 
save you!!!!!!!"

So,  what are your recommendations for tools?

S far I have tried,

Pandora Recovery
and a few others.

Any assistance, ideas, sources, most appreciated.



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