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Greg McLennan mclennan at internode.on.net
Thu Jun 10 15:16:48 EST 2010

Hi Paul, just saw your message. Yep I'v been bolted up to melb wireless 
with an 8 Km link from newcomb/whittington(JPJ+JOH) to the highton(JEE 
node) in geelong for the last 3 years. You'll find Peter(JEE) is a good 
person to talk to about the primary JEE node. If you need some tip's 
about wifi-ing in the geelong area. Feel free to send an email. I'll be 
back in Australia mid next week if you email. currently on a borrowed 
internet connection here in the USA.
Greg VK3JIY..

On 8/06/2010 11:02 PM, Paul Maric wrote:
> G'day guys,
> I'm new to all this and just looking to get some information.
> I've trawled through the resources on the website and was just keen on 
> some assistance to take it on from here.
> I couldn't find much information regarding the Geelong area. I seem to 
> be surrounded by quite a few members, so it looks as though I'd be in 
> business regarding getting setup.
> Is there anyone in particular I can contact to get some more general 
> information?
> Regards,
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