[MLB-WIRELESS] Wireless Links

Jason Hecker jhecker at wireless.org.au
Wed Jan 14 10:41:36 EST 2009

> Pretty much the 3 rooms are next to each other, and have 3 building
> surrounding them, which have network connectivity.

A cheapie and quick way would be to get six bog standard 802.11G WAPs.  I
recently bought an excellent Minitar WAP (with WPA2) for $35 - it's very
reliable, but if you feel nervous about these then buy something a bit
more pricey.

Along with the APs get some suitable runs of coax and external antennas
(for the distances you are talking a directional may be overkill).

At the main building set each access point up on channels 1, 6 and 11/12
respectively and each with it's own unique SSID in access point mode and
using WPA2 security and plug them into the main LAN.

At each building have a complementary WAP set up plugged into a local
switch with each access point set to client mode.  They should then
connect to their respective access points and each building will have its
own dedicated WLAN link back to the main network.  It'll be like you ran
some Cat5 back to the main site (though at ~30Mbit effectively).

Variations on this, depending on the WAP capabilities might be, apart from
AP<->APClient, are AdHoc<->AdHoc or Bridge<->Bridge.

Don't forget to disable any DHCP service in the APs.

All this for the price of a substitute teacher for a day.

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