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Hi Shaun,


Any response depends a lot on what you want to do with those three rooms.
like do you have desktop PCs in there that you want to have access to a LAN
in the main building/s?  Do you want handheld/laptop devices to be able to
roam through those three buildings?

And how /many/ devices to you want to get access in there?


If they are just desktops, then personally I would cable them all up to a
switch, and then put a wireless point to point link between the switch and
the main LAN.  That way, you minimize the number of wireless devices that
will be competing for airtime, and make your wireless link more efficient.


For a high performance solution with highly flexible and extensive feature
set, I always like to recommend Mikrotik Product:  Http://shop.duxtel.com.au


<declaration>we are an Australian distributor of Mikrotik


I'm not sure why you mention "no redundancy".  what sort of redundancy to
you need?  You don't have redundancy with a cable either, but most people
don't worry too much about that! ;-)  In any case, many advanced router
systems (Mikrotik included) can support RRP (router redundancy protocol) to
give you automated fail-over in case of one device failing - though I would
say that this is overkill for what you want.


As for 54Mbits, you generally won't get that sort of speed in actual traffic
throughput anyway - more like about 30M for a good close proximity link -
but with equipment supporting dual channel 802.11a (Mikrotik included), you
can get up to 108Mbits air rate.


Furthermore, Mikrotik proprietry routerOS supports dual wireless interface
extensions so that you can run two point to point links in dedicated
transmit/receive and so you can implement a full duplex link with
simultaneous 108Mbit send/receive capability.


But of all you want is just wireless AP coverage for roaming handheld and
laptop support, then any old desktop AP will probably do the job, including
UltraWAP.  Again, though, my recommendation would be suitable Mikrotik in an
outdoor case mounted somewhere central to give you improved signal coverage





I'm a network admin for a school, and have 3 rooms that aren't networked.

Fibre is going to cost a bit, and these rooms won't be used for much, so I
thought a wireless link may do the job.

Pretty much the 3 rooms are next to each other, and have 3 building
surrounding them, which have network connectivity.

I would like some redundancy if possible, and as much bandwidth as possible.

Was thinking an UltraWAP with appropriate antenna on each building, pointing
to the closest networked one.

But this only provides 54Mbps, and one single link, no redundancy.

If anyone has any idea's it would be great.

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