[MLB-WIRELESS] Network speeds

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Tue Jul 22 11:28:15 EST 2008

Hi Peter,

Peter Berrett wrote:
> I have had JXG up for a little while now and been doing some testing. I 
> can get speeds of 160KB/sec to GHO which is my 5.5 km link.
> I am curious as to what are typical speeds around the network. I haven't 
> tweaked my antenna yet so I think I can get higher speeds still.
> Also I had linked up my other router and was surfing the internet but 
> then I discovered that my packets weren't going through that router but 
> instead the network was letting me access the internet.
> Who is the kind soul providing quite respectable speeds for internet 
> access? I am curious as to the path my internet access had gone through.

Perhaps you can have a look at 'traceroute' and note the IP addresses that
your packets route through?

I prefer 'mtr', give you more useful info =) Also there is 'cheops' or
'cheops-ng' for visualising the network a bit better...


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