[MLB-WIRELESS] Network speeds

Ratbaggy wireless at smithsgully.net
Mon Jul 21 22:57:39 EST 2008

Node HLT to HKG:

10 KM
Sparklan WX-6800 each end (= linksys WAP54G) Broadcom chipset
24 dB Hills grid each end
Freifunk flavoured OpenWRT firmware, default OLSR routing disabled, 
using static routing
Routed NOT bridged
Distance control enabled (VERY important)
Running in Ad-Hoc mode

Throughput doing HTTP file transfer:
1200 KBytes / sec

This isn't how most people in MW run their links but it certainly works 
for us.  It's pretty close to how freifunk recommend running their 
network  We tried it, it worked, so we stuck with it.

Peter Berrett wrote:
> Hi all
> I have had JXG up for a little while now and been doing some testing. I 
> can get speeds of 160KB/sec to GHO which is my 5.5 km link.
> I am curious as to what are typical speeds around the network. I haven't 
> tweaked my antenna yet so I think I can get higher speeds still.
> Also I had linked up my other router and was surfing the internet but 
> then I discovered that my packets weren't going through that router but 
> instead the network was letting me access the internet.
> Who is the kind soul providing quite respectable speeds for internet 
> access? I am curious as to the path my internet access had gone through.
> Also is it possible to configure an ASUS WL-500G so that it is in client 
> mode but so that you can access the network from the street with a 
> laptop as well?
> Regards
> Peter Berrett VK3PB (node JXG)
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