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What school does your daughter go to? RMIT? (Based on your email address ;))

On 7/16/08, Michael Van Den Acker <mike.vda at rmit.edu.au> wrote:
> I'm not in the telecoms industry but just trying to get a good deal for my
> daughter's Uni stuff.
> Telstra have their own 3G network it seems to have the best coverage
> Australia wide and they know it.
> iBurst and Unwired also have their own networks mostly inner metro areas.
> The majority of wireless 3G internet providers are using the Optus network.
> They include Dodo, Virgin, Optus (duh) & Soul. Vodafone ?? I believe they
> have their own network in metro areas and then roam on another carrier
> outside these areas. So even though they have the same price as Virgin the
> limits/restrictions and over limit charges kill it as an option immediately.
> Read the fine print.......
> Optus 3G coverage is effectively limited to metro areas. They are however
> starting to expand their network. It will take some time though.
> Outside metro area the 3G falls back to GPRS which is effectively dialup
> (or slower) speeds.
> >From my point of view Virgin was the best with 5Gb for $39.00 with shaping
> after 5Gb. Fair use policy etc....
> With a post paid mobile phone bundled as well you got a $5 discount so
> $34/month.
> FYI Telstra Next G runs in the 850Mhz band and Optus in 1.9GHz band
> Just my 5 cents worth. If anyone is interested in my comparison table let
> me know and I will email it to you. All pricing etc was as of April.
> Michael Van den Acker
> All of the above are just my personal thoughts and opinions. Some of the
> info may be incorrect if so please let me know.
> I do not have shares or interests in any of the above companies.
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