[MLB-WIRELESS] Advise on a replacement wireless card for my WRAP node.

Randall Lasini lasinir at aardvark.net.au
Mon Jul 14 20:43:30 EST 2008


For my previous request for advise!  Thanks!  Was a great help.

It seems I got my WRAP outdoor board all working (sort of: see NodeJTX 
log on MW page), however it seems the MadWifi drivers have a known 
bug/problem with the SR2 card I am using (the other card CM9 no issues), 
that generates at Hardware error requirement a reboot to fix (usually 
within 20 minutes of the last reboot).

So my options at this point are:

Option 1) advise from anybody else who has a similar problem with 
MadWifi drivers/voyage[0.5.0] on how to fix this in software[eg iwpriv 
settings maybe?] ? (and no, while I used to be a dab hand at writing 
hardware level device drivers, I havn't done such for 12 years)

Option 2) Get a replacement NIC (b/g preferable) that is preferable 
200mw that is compatible with MadWifi drivers/voyage[0.5.0] to drive my 
omni antenna.  Anybody with experience on which one would be 
suitable/known to work in this combo?  worst case, I will just get 
another CM9 card, but its power is lower than I would like.

Option 3) open to suggestions....

I would like to get this done as quick as I can as I would like to get 
my mast up and running by the end of the week.


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