[MLB-WIRELESS] Advise on a replacement wireless card for my WRAP node.

Ratbaggy wireless at smithsgully.net
Tue Jul 15 00:24:49 EST 2008

Hi Randall,

For what it's worth for comparison purposes, I ran a WRAP with a SR5 for 
a while in client mode connected to GHO's 5.8 GHz interface and had none 
of the driver problems you describe.  The link was solid and stayed up 
for weeks.  There were a number of differences in the setup though.

* Voyage Linux 0.3 used
* My WRAP has 8 capacitors
* SR5 rather than SR2, and no second wireless card
* Client mode
* Purely routed setup, no bridging
* ath0 config below was used....
auto ath0
iface ath0 inet static
        post-down wlanconfig ath0 destroy
        pre-up wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode sta
        pre-up iwconfig ath0 essid "GHO-North-58.melbournewireless" 
channel 165 rate auto rts off frag off
        pre-up ifconfig ath0 up
        up route add -net netmask gw
        up sysctl -w dev.wifi0.diversity=0
        up sysctl -w dev.wifi0.txantenna=1
        up sysctl -w dev.wifi0.rxantenna=1
        up athctrl -i wifi0 -d 25000
        down route del -net netmask gw

Thinking outside the box, here is another suggestion to get some value 
out of your SR2...  Purchase a Wiligear WBD-111 processor board and bolt 
your SR2 into that.  At $US 79.00, probably cheaper than buying another 
400mW card locally and they can run OpenWRT.  If you do buy a WBD-111 
make sure you ask them to ship it by POST.  Their UPS options are TOO 


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