[MLB-WIRELESS] Node Services

Thomas Phillips Thomas at phillips.net.au
Wed Jul 9 23:05:19 EST 2008


i am currently building a list of services i am going to offer on my  
new node, and was wondering if anyone had any requests/ideas?

i am defiantly putting a camera at the top of the mast to look at the  
bay, since the house is 1 row of houses off  the beech in Beaumaris,  
so from the top of the mast you can see 180 degrees around the bay. If  
only we had a 5 story house!

i was thinking it would be cool to have an asterisk server running  
with voice mail for the whole Melbourne wireless community to keep in  

i will probable run a mirror with updates for osx for all those mac  
users sick of downloading 200mb updates every other week, and a bunch  
of other stuff that i have collected, linux distos etc

The node should be up and running in about 2-3 weeks, and will  
initially have 2 antennas 1 big hills 25db linking to ILE or GHO and  
the other is an 8db superpass omni for others to connect up to.
both will be powered by wistron DCMA-82 400mw 2.4g cards

Tom Phillips

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