Michael Van Den Acker mike.vda at rmit.edu.au
Thu Jul 10 12:54:41 EST 2008

Like Tom I will be setting up my node above. My time scale is a bit longer though.

I have a 24db parabolic mesh dish to connect into the network. I also have a 1m vertical patch antenna 60 degree pattern which I think is 14db to point towards Pakenham. I am in Berwick/Beaconsfield on a hill.
I have a Diamond R100 AP.

I have a couple of install problems to overcome.

1.) I have a two storey house so I will end up installing the AP in the roof space and run cat5 to internal network. ( I will need to run power)
2.) Because of two storey mounting the antennas is problematic. Any suggestions? Particularly the wind loading on the parabolic antenna. I am considering a fold down mast. I have other antennas that I want to install for amateur use too. Should I put up an omni too? or instead of the patch?
3.) I still have to program the AP
4.) Time to do this all

Now those things aside. My ideas to install on the network.
I am very tempted to buy a Synology or Qnap NAS see here
http://www.synology.com or http://www.qnap.com 
I know a PC could do this but these devices seen like a very elegant solution incorporating in-built backup with the RAID. Web server with PHP & MySQL etc

Cameras are good especially to check home security from work.
and general web cams........because we can.
I like the idea of a weather app running.

So if anyone has any comments please let me know.


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