[MLB-WIRELESS] node building

Michael Borthwick holden at netspace.net.au
Wed May 23 13:56:31 EST 2007

On 23/05/2007, at 1:19 PM, Rohan Malhotra wrote:

> I thought i might ask for recommendations on an omni 2.4ghz antenna  
> on my roof. im presuming stock antennas (the stock antenna on a  
> wrtrouter? )wont really cut it if i want to propogate this signal  
> across my street. I was thinking something in the 9-15dB range for  
> a dipole 360 omni should do the trick?
If you mean literally "across the street" then a stock rubber duck  
antenna (2.2dBi gain) will be fine. A 9dBi will double your range.  
Anything over 9dBi gets very expensive. Over 300 Superpass omni's  
were bought in by Melbourne Wireless people years ago - there are  
bound to be some kicking around somewhere - along with 4Km's of  
LMR400 from Jules alone.
> i may as well collect all the things I need before i give it  
> another go, all i gotta get now is this omni and a weatherproof  
> box. weatherproof far as i know should b easily obtained from local  
> hardware and i'm going to try to source a fat secondhand omni  
> antenna from somewhere.
> i might add that in a few weeks time when im on my school holidays  
> id like to give this another go, right now im trying  to supress  
> the thought of massive lan interconnectivity (and ensuing joy) so  
> that i can get through my studies haha!
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