[MLB-WIRELESS] node building

Rohan Malhotra rohanmalhotra86 at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:19:36 EST 2007

I thought i might ask for recommendations on an omni 2.4ghz antenna on my
roof. im presuming stock antennas (the stock antenna on a wrtrouter? )wont
really cut it if i want to propogate this signal across my street. I was
thinking something in the 9-15dB range for a dipole 360 omni should do the

i may as well collect all the things I need before i give it another go, all
i gotta get now is this omni and a weatherproof box. weatherproof far as i
know should b easily obtained from local hardware and i'm going to try to
source a fat secondhand omni antenna from somewhere.

i might add that in a few weeks time when im on my school holidays id like
to give this another go, right now im trying  to supress the thought of
massive lan interconnectivity (and ensuing joy) so that i can get through my
studies haha!
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