[MLB-WIRELESS] GHO Mt Dandednong Refit Update & Melbourne Wireless

Peter Buncle peter at nmc.net.au
Sat May 5 10:34:15 EST 2007

Well things have been happening around the network.
GHO Update
With many thanks for Paul at Yawarra and Peter at RFShop, who have 
supplied equipment to the club, GHO has had a major upgrade.
Also thanks to Darren, the site owner & mike for their time spent on
this upgrade.
* The 2.4 gig north & south antennas have been replaced with rfshop
* the AP's have been replaced with wrap 1-1's and hiigh quality mini pci
ubiquiti mini pci radios
* the addition of two new 5.8 gig waveguides to increase the options for
*** Note all antenna's are on horizontal pol & the ssid has slightly
    now     GHO-North.melbournewireless , GHO-South.melbournewireless
    and for 5.8Ghz        GHO-North-58.melbournewireless  ,
There is also now a Axis 213 PTZ camera up there to for you to play with
with thanks to Nigel.
You can find this on GHO's new home page -
click on the image to move to controlling the cam, note it is manual
focus and can be 
touchy on the slide bars.
We chose the wrap's as they can run dual mini pci cards, support the
ubiquti's upto full power if required
and have builtin poe. Not to mention can run standard debian packages
making support eaasy.
Have a look around their site at www.yawarra.com.au and rfshop at
Between both of them , they have just about everything you'll need
Rfshop sell the 8db superpass omni's too , which i've found to be the
best of all the omni 
antenna's i've tried.  (been picked up as far as 35klm away)
Initial tests on their 2.4 boxtenna's have been promising too, where
people could hardly receive GHO
before, now having a reasonable signal. These are great value !
I'll be writing up a case study this month regarding the upgrades to
this site that will go into further detail.
Other network news,
The backbone is still growing through the great efforts of many people.
JEE geelong's power issues have been fixed & is now much more stable.
       There's also a prototype hi res didtal camera connected to a
wl500gP taking 60sec 
       3Mpixel snaps of geelong toward Mt Dandenong.
        You get some great sunrise pics from this cam it's on
        and the uplink to Mt Dandenong link is on this page too.
        Be aware it willbe really slow, both images total 1.2 meg & it's
a slow link from 
        Mt Dand to geelong.
       The antenna is still not lined up right at Mt Dandenong, i worked
out i missed by 15 - 20 deg,
       so further improvements could still be found.
JPL  The point cook uplink has moved. There's currently an issue at HVC
to resolve thats 
        holding things up, but the JPL end is done. There's already an
omni active on this node 
        and JNX is connected to it.
HVC - city  Tim has been busy here , and now Rob FZJ is finally back on
the network.
        Hope the antenna doesn't take your aircon off your roof ROB !
Dave has a 
        better mounting for you.
        Welcome to Rohan (JSG), a new node in north carlton too, hope to
see you online soon.
        I Know there's many around your area that'll be interested in
connecting to you if you can putup
       an omni.
JIA   Nunawadding - This is due for some work in the coming months, we
have two 2.4 gig waveguides thanks 
        to rfshop to give this location better coverage.
JLP  	Heidelberg Hill - We hope to bring this node online very soon
bringing much better coverage to 
        this region. Zik has been busy buying equipment to get this site
        It's planned to link it over to JIA and HVC to give the network
more redundancy 
        & bandwidth. and provide a closer uplink point instead of GHO. 
        An omni will be active for now to get things moving , but this
will change later as needs progress.
EAI Northcote hill - still on the todo list , will be happening soon,
but need to uplink to somewhere.
There are many other site's & nodes coming along & sorry to those i
didn't remember at the time of writing.
There's a site on the richmond hill , an ameture on the lanwarren hill
thats about to putup masts,
and many other people doing things.
Keep up the great work, it's showing with the network coverage &
services growing.


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Cool,  thanks Alan.
that is exactly what I was looking for.

Alan Harper <alan at aussiegeek.net> wrote:

	On 04/05/2007, at 4:00 PM, Mark Aitken wrote:
	> HI,
	> I want to add the ports 6881 thru to 6999 into my iptables
	You want something like iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport
6881:6999 -j 

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