[MLB-WIRELESS] Cheap wifi cards

John Briggs john_briggs at bigplop.seeohem
Thu Feb 15 11:27:50 EST 2007

FWIIW, I am not that chuffed with mine.
I bought one when they were $20.
The card is reasonably directional so is annoyingly unreliable when used at 
curtain angles, even though the AP is only ~4m away.
It replaced a netgear w111 v2 dongle which I had no problems with and I am 
thinking of going back to using that.  The reason I changed to the pccard is 
that the dongle sticks out very precariously and oneday I just know it will 
be knocked and broken.

"Datec" <datec01 at optusnet.com.au> wrote in message
news:mailman.23.1171491455.23565.melbwireless at wireless.org.au...
Hi all, Deals direct have Diamond Digital IEEE 802.11B/G 54MBPS Wireless Lan 
Card @ $9.95

Addy below



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