[MLB-WIRELESS] Update: Bricked WAP54GV3 - Serial Output

wridg_weinbergs at westnet.com.au wridg_weinbergs at westnet.com.au
Sat Feb 17 11:39:22 EST 2007

Thanks to everyone who's given input to my bricked WAP54G problem.
Unit is still not working properly (not getting the CPE prompt), but
getting closer - its responding to WRT54G now.
At least now I have got the jtag and serial working properly under
Does anyone know if I can use the Linksys*.trx files as a
"kernel.bin" replacement.
All I want to do right now is get this thing going.

Tricks learnt along the way:
1. Expert Notebook parallel ports to be anything but "normal".. even
if the bios says it is.. it probably isn't so don't trust it.
2. If WRT54G code can't find/lock /dev/parport0, make sure you
modprobe -r lp, and have the correct permissions (*sigh* it is always
the simple things)
3. When using the WAP54G with JTAG, make sure you specify "/nobreak
/noreset" eg. :./wrt54g -backup:wholeflash /nobreak /noreset" or it
will sit at a prompt saying "...done" and appear to hang
4. it would seem that the only difference between a WRT54G and a
WAP54G is that the WRT has additional 4 port hub/switch on it.. yet
to prove this. This becomes important when you are looking for
CPE.BIN files... they seem(?) to be interchangeable between models.
5. Try not to flash your unit when your 2 year daughter is close by..
especially if you built JTAG and Serial port via breadboard with wire
hanging around.. (Pretty colours Dad I want the Pink one).

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