[MLB-WIRELESS] Proposal: MWRP at Scouts Jamboree

Tom Fifield gummay at gummay.net
Wed Feb 8 11:19:47 EST 2006

I have whacked a node on the database in Elmore, just so we can all get
a rough idea where the jamboree is to be held.



Nick Sibbing wrote:
> Simon (NodeIRC) wrote:
> <snip>
>>I propose that Melbourne Wireless initiate a partnership with the Scout 
>>Association to deploy MWRP nodes to blanket the camp site with 
>>802.11b/g, deploy a long distance Bi-Directional link back to Melbourne. 
> <snip>
> the nodes can be
>>redeployed at various Scout Halls to help with our 'Backbone' upon 
>>conclusion of the camp. The equipment would belong to the Scout 
>>Association (and is theirs to redeploy at their Scout halls), so it 
>>would be expected that they pay the equipment costs.
> Gday Simon
> I think its a fantastic idea to promote MW. Scouts are an ideal 
> target group, mostly male and 12 - 14. The potential access to 
> scout halls (and parents roofs) after the Jamboree is exciting.
> The hard bits though will be organising it and getting the 
> bodies and cash to do it. I don't doubt that the Scouts would 
> agree but not sure how much cash they's put up?
> I'd also sugggest we print a flyer (I am happy to donate this) 
> for scouts to give to all the attendees to promote the venture 
> so that scouts know before the jamboree it is happening and to 
> take home afterwards to promote MW
> Regards
> Nick Sibbing
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