[MLB-WIRELESS] Proposal: MWRP at Scouts Jamboree

Nick Sibbing nick.sibbing at arts.monash.edu.au
Wed Feb 8 10:11:58 EST 2006

Simon (NodeIRC) wrote:

> Proposal:
> I propose that Melbourne Wireless initiate a partnership with the Scout 
> Association to deploy MWRP nodes to blanket the camp site with 
> 802.11b/g, deploy a long distance Bi-Directional link back to Melbourne. 
the nodes can be
> redeployed at various Scout Halls to help with our 'Backbone' upon 
> conclusion of the camp. The equipment would belong to the Scout 
> Association (and is theirs to redeploy at their Scout halls), so it 
> would be expected that they pay the equipment costs.

Gday Simon
I think its a fantastic idea to promote MW. Scouts are an ideal 
target group, mostly male and 12 - 14. The potential access to 
scout halls (and parents roofs) after the Jamboree is exciting.

The hard bits though will be organising it and getting the 
bodies and cash to do it. I don't doubt that the Scouts would 
agree but not sure how much cash they's put up?

I'd also sugggest we print a flyer (I am happy to donate this) 
for scouts to give to all the attendees to promote the venture 
so that scouts know before the jamboree it is happening and to 
take home afterwards to promote MW

Nick Sibbing

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