[MLB-WIRELESS] New world record for wifi link (125 Miles).

David Smith dwsmith at bigpond.net.au
Thu Aug 18 22:57:09 EST 2005


I've put most of the high peaks around Vic and the Snowies into Radio 
Mobile, including Kosciusko (sp) and the longest LOS path I've found is 
"only" 247 km - Mt Erica to Hallett Hill in the Otways.  I could be 
wrong however!  It's a very marginal path though, skimming close to the 
water across the bay.  Plus, this assumes a clear takeoff at each end.

Receive preamps would be a definite must.  Most of the cards seem to be 
relatively "deaf" from figures I've seen.  The only legal limit is on 
the transmit EIRP, so you can make the receiver as hot as you like / can.


Gary Winder wrote:
> Hmmm. Can someone do the figures on a 250 km link? Need to pick some new
> locations too.
> Also, would amplifiers on the receive signal be worth while / legit?
> Regards,
> g at z.

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