[MLB-WIRELESS] Question to list

Miki Shapiro aris at pharoe.com
Thu Aug 18 14:35:21 EST 2005

Hi all

I run a little linux AP at home (I'm a UNIX admin) , and am looking 
forward to plopping an antenna on it and hooking it up into the RAN.

One use I have in mind is hook up my CarPC (which will also get an 
antenna) to my home server (VPN) when within reception limits via nodes in 
the area it is in.

First question is of course can this be done via nodes in close proximity 
to the car?
Second question - is there some high-alt node (Dandenong Mtn?) with a 
wide-enough directional cone that I can use when within areas of eastern 
Third question -  do the nodes know how to route between each other or 
do they only have routing configured to their 
adjacent nodes (and other manually predefined routes)?
Is any dynamic routing or meshing implementation being used? That's a 
leading question to "will my car be able to access home by hopping" 4 

Final question - anyone have any experience with non-stationary WiFi 
communicating with stationary nodes?

Cheers & Thanks!


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