[MLB-WIRELESS] New world record for wifi link (125 Miles).

Mark Aitken nodegxt at yahoo.com.au
Fri Aug 5 07:35:16 EST 2005

Hi Guys(Gals?),
Can I play devils advocate for a minute?
Why dont you consider taking small steps first, build your way up to a distance record.  Nothing could be more disappointing that trudging all the way to a mountain top with kilo's of equipment with the best intentions only to fail.  That would have a negative impact on everyone's moral.
Take a few smaller hops first to test out equioment, find problems and have rectified for the next attempt.
Given the eirp limitations here in Australia and consider what antenna where used in the American record, we here, have to be smarter in how we do it if you want to "keep it legal" that is.
Again, as always, just my 2c worth.


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