[MLB-WIRELESS] [OT] 1.5Mbit/sec DSL providers

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Mon Nov 1 20:19:19 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 17:25 +1100, Rowan Crowe wrote:
> What DSL provider do you guys (in Melbourne) use and recommend? I'm moving
> house and certain circumstances involved with the ISP relocating the DSL
> are making me think twice about staying with them. I'm mainly interested
> in 1500/256k links, flat rate (shaped after download allowance exceeded,
> doesn't have to be unlimited).
> Any suggestions are appreciated. :)
> Cheers.
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I'm on Internode's recently deceased 1500/256 24GB @ 99.95 plan (As long
as I don't change to something else I can keep it). They've had good
uptimes and good speeds. Provided the other end supports it I get
156-162Kb/sec sustained.

I cna highly recommend them. They have a 12GB plan at $90 and a 32GB
plan at $110 now  ->  http://adsl.internode.on.net/pricing/home.htm

Their SOHO plans are a bit more expsnsive but do give you a static IP,

Peter Lieverdink <me at cafuego.net>
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