[MLB-WIRELESS] Stumbling from Westgate Bridge

Dan Flett conhoolio at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 15 16:47:15 EST 2004

Hi all,

Was a passenger in a car driving across the Westgate Bridge today. I
decided to whip out my iPaq with the 200mW Veritech card and 2dB omni on
it and do a stumble.  Among other things, I picked up these nodes:

( SSID )			( BSSID )			[ SNR
Sig Noise ]

( bhh.wireless.org.au ) ( 00:40:05:d0:81:7d )	[ 11 60 49 ]	
( nodegsl )			( 00:50:fc:d4:b2:75 )	[ 16 65 49 ]

Keep in mind that this was from inside the car with the windows up and a
little 2dB stick-on antenna.



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