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Wed Jan 14 23:32:58 EST 2004

As mentioned at the last monthly meeting, A few groups are having alternate
get-togethers in place of the Janurary meeting. 
RGSouthern > *

Read below for the thread from the RGSouthern group list.
Even if you're -not- in the area, We want you to come along and enjoy the
day, just e-mail me for the address details.


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> Yep, it's still on!  Troy's place, this Saturday, 11am onwards.
> > Just want to double check, still good for this weekend for the BBQ?
> FYI, here's a copy of the email I've been sending to people 
> in and around the Southern Region through Locfinder
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> Hi there,
> You are invited to the Melbourne Wireless Southern Region Barbeque!
> Where?
> Troy Mitchell's house, Moorabbin
> Troy is one of the Southern Region's most active members, and 
> also happens to be El Presidente of Melbourne Wireless.  He's 
> also friendly and knowledgeable and happy to help with any 
> wireless, networking or general computer queries you may have.
> Other active members of the Southern Region will also be 
> there.  You'll find us to be a friendly bunch, keen to get 
> you involved in the group.
> When? SUNDAY 18th January, 11am onwards
> There's talk of some drinks and food being provided, but feel 
> free to BYO as well.
> RSVP: Troy at txrx at eridu.net  Troy will reply telling you his address.
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