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Brizvegas is nice this time of year. Farken hot tho.
- Barry

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Subject: [Oz-ISP] Programmer required (Bne)...
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 15:16:20 +1000
From: Mattt <mattt at abovenetworks.net>
Organization: aboveNetworks
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Microwave Links in SydneyGreetings list,

   We require the services of another developer.

   We need someone based in Brisbane (or surrounding area - will need to
spend time on Brisbane's southside), who is:

   - Very proficient in PHP and Perl.
   - Reasonably proficient in X/HTML and JavaScript.
   - Understands OOP.
   - Knows Linux (preferably Debian).
   - Knows IPTables.
   - (Preferably) has some proficiency in any or all of:
       - C++
       - Visual Basic
       - .NET / C#

   It would also be nice if the successful applicant knew their way around
wired and wireless networks.

   Interested parties can make contact via email, or on the number below.

  aust: 0403 990 227
  int'l: 614 0399 0227
  mattt at abovenetworks.net

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       a large number of electrons were seriously inconvenienced...

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