[MLB-WIRELESS] Revisit: SVEC <--> Dlink DWL900AP+

vk3jma at net2000.com.au vk3jma at net2000.com.au
Tue Jan 13 08:21:23 EST 2004

Hi People,

A few weeks ago I asked the question on why my link to GMI would appesar to die 
every now and again.

Since then, we have improved signals to the low 70's dbm (76 to 72 dbm, depends 
on how I hold my toung!!)  Anyway,  that was one of the suggestions, to make 
sure signal levels where good, which they are.  

Another was to use a SVEC to SVEC link to see if it still did it, have not yet 
done that but will look into it asap.

My DWL-650 card in my laptop will hold the link for hours and hours and hours 
even when streaming netmeeting video across it without once sign of faulting.  
Yet, the AP900+ will go into a Associate, disassociate flip flop about every 10 
minutes for about 10 mintues then stabilise till the next time.

Before I go and placed the borrowed SVEC I have up into the box at the back of 
the dish I would ask if this looks like a protocol problem, a know problem or 
murphy playing funny buggers, or whatever?

It is driving both GMI and myself crazy.

Thanks for any further assistance you can offer.



PS...anyone want to swap an SVEC for a DLINK?

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