[MLB-WIRELESS] Disconnects?

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What sort of noise levels are you getting? Are there any trees in the way?
How steady are the antenna at both ends? I had a problem with my antenna and
strong winds where the thing would dropout or get poor signal as it wobbled
around in the breeze, adding a wire to hold it still helped a lot. It's only
a short one so I thought I could get away without any wires, but I was wrong

g at z.

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Could someone please explain to me why my link partner and myself
experience a lot of disconnects and re-associations?

We have established a 7.5 Km link between us with signal levels around
-83dbm to -79dbm.  We are running 2 Mbit/s, ie, 1 -2 Mbit/s set in out AP's
setups (not fully auto). We not at this stage running WEP but are using MAC

I have a DWL-900AP+ in AP Client mode, and he has a SVEC in AP
mode.  Antennae each way are 24dbi Conifer's.

We have email, http, ftp, voip and netmeeting available to us.

However, there is always a large number of dropouts recorded in the log
files even though the signal levels are very good.

Also,  is the a suite of tools available for the 900AP+ that will allow me
to monitor RSSi levels, such as it available with te SVEC hack and it's
snmp application.

Many thanks for your assistance.



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