[MLB-WIRELESS] Disconnects?

Nick Grundy ngrundy at isoproplex.net
Sat Jan 3 14:25:30 EST 2004

> We have established a 7.5 Km link between us with signal levels around 
> -83dbm to -79dbm.  We are running 2 Mbit/s, ie, 1 -2 Mbit/s set in out AP's 
> setups (not fully auto). We not at this stage running WEP but are using MAC 
> filtering.
> I have a DWL-900AP+ in AP Client mode, and he has a SVEC in AP 
> mode.  Antennae each way are 24dbi Conifer's.

Over this sort of distance I've found that using 18db conifers or 14db hills tends to get
a better connection

These are the stats from a Minitar (AP Mode) to a Cabletron Roamabout over ~9km
Link Quality:24/92  Signal level:-74 dBm  Noise level:-98 dBm

That's with a 14db Hills on one end and a 18db conifer on the other.  Horizontal polarity

Every cloud has a silver lining (except for the mushroom shaped ones, which have a lining of Iridium & Strontium 90)

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