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Wed Aug 18 17:40:52 EST 2004

Hi Guys,
Zoi sent me this email a little while ago, but I never saw it on the
mailing list.  It may be that he's not signed up to the list with that
email address.
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From: Zoi [mailto:zoi at itu.com.au] 
Sent: Thursday, 12 August 2004 0:19
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Subject: HELP !
Hi Dan + All,
I'm Phil, aka Zoi aka NodeHPL.melb.wireless
I'm not a linux user and although I have built a linux machine and
installed mandrake10 I just cant get anywhere. I know a few things but
generally I dont know much more than to buy, to plug and to play (even
tinker) I'd like to setup my node and to join the wireless network but
I'm just getting no-where.
I have, registered (Node-HPL)
Re-Built an old p2-333 machine (even has 3 nic's in it)
Bought a Senao AP (b) 100mw unit
Bought a 8db Omni (from your bulk buy)
Bought an older Laptop and pcmcia Wifi card (for testing and field
Obtained a FoxTel dish
I have good knowledge of antenna's and masts (from cb radio days) no
I am a very capable user of windows you could say an advanced or expert
'user' but still only a user of the package/OS.
I have and can still write a basic program in either BASIC or PASCAL.
and will consider buying further equiptment like a waveguide antenna and
a 2nd AP or wireless NIC no problems......
I have used DOS from back when it was DOS 3.3 that we were all using But
NOT command line linux, and beyond playing with gnome GUI under
mandrake10 I have NO IDEA about linux
Having read you group discussion as shown below 1 thing stuck home with
QUOTE -   I want to make it as easy as possible for non-linux-geeks to
get involved in the network -
Please do this. I'm  - STUGGLING -  and everyone I know thinks I'm the
expert, so I have no friends to turn to for aid. (I'll just mention I
cant get to the monthly meetings because I work Mon-Sat nights, which
leaves me in a position of BEGGING for help from anywhere I can.)
My aim is fairly usual, to be a node. What I'd like my node to do is
probably not anything outragous either. I'd like to connect to some
nodes, (HFC would be one, runs a connection north to clayton and ADJ who
is a more local but prominent Node). I'd also like to run the Omni I
bought for anyone who's local to myself.

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