[MLB-WIRELESS] New Node Coordinates?

James Healy jimmy at deefa.com
Wed Apr 28 18:01:09 EST 2004

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Ian Donaldson wrote:

| Nick, you are most welcome. I haven't even gone into the whole datum
| which are different 'models' of the world and give different
| I think melbwireless unofficially uses AGD66 which is what Melways and
| VicMap also use but I don't think its stated anywhere.

As far as I know, this sounds correct. However, given that I was the
main contributor to our mapping software, you should all be scared by
that statement :P

I pretty much learnt on the fly, and there is a scary amount of GIS
information that I remain oblivious too!

| I'd be happy for the above information to be posted somewhere if it is
| useful. It'd be my first real contribution to melbwireless in a while. :)
| Actually just checked the website for the first time in a while and my
| (AIE) has dropped off the list, not sure why.

We've been logging things like this since the new site went live in
december last year, and they show no record of your node being deleted
in that time. I assume it was deleted by the cull scripts sometime
before that. The cull script emails node owners at 120 and 150 days, and
if a node still hasn't been touched in 180 days, it gets deleted.



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