[MLB-WIRELESS] New Node Coordinates?

Ian Donaldson ian at myinternet.com.au
Wed Apr 28 17:34:42 EST 2004

On Wed, 28 Apr 2004 05:00 pm, Nick Sibbing wrote:
> Ian you are a scholar and a gentleman thanks very much I'm back in leafy
> Warranwood all is good
> so for the less mathematical of us you need to divide the first 2
> figures after the degrees (minutes) by 60 and then divide the 2nd 2
> figures by 3600 and add those 2 decimals together and put them after the
> whole degrees.
> This worked for me but no wonder there were a few confused nodes out
> with me in the middle of nowhere. Maybe a summary of this email could be
> added to the add node page?

Nick, you are most welcome. I haven't even gone into the whole datum thing 
which are different 'models' of the world and give different co-ordinates. 
I think melbwireless unofficially uses AGD66 which is what Melways and 
VicMap also use but I don't think its stated anywhere.

I'd be happy for the above information to be posted somewhere if it is 
useful. It'd be my first real contribution to melbwireless in a while. :) 
Actually just checked the website for the first time in a while and my node 
(AIE) has dropped off the list, not sure why.

Ian Donaldson, SA @ MI                       -- ian at myinternet.com.au

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