Alexander Cohen shogun at shafted.com.au
Mon Apr 5 11:42:48 EST 2004

> > I've got a Garmin GPS12, and its a good unit. If i was choosing again,
> > I'd probably get one of the eTrex series. eTrex is lighter, and across
> > the range of eTrex units there are extra features like ones with an
> > altimeter and inbuilt magnetic compass (rather than a 'compass' based
> > on relative location readings).
> I bought a Garmin eTrex (yellow) in the US and have used it a bit here
> mostly walking.  We compared the altimeter to a pressure based one we
> were carrying, both were accurate enough to find our position amongst
> contours (although we lost GPS in the woods at times).

I've used both the eTrex and the eTrex summit. The basic eTrex has
you need and is very functional as well as being very cheap ($218 at some

The summit has a barometric altimeter and a flux gate compass. The compass
consume more power when its being used but it can be disabled or set to only
turn on
when you move below a certain speed, which can be quite useful in the last
few meters
of locating a geocache.

I suggest the basic eTrex if you don't need and fancy features and just want
your position
altitude and bearing.

(btw eTrex models can use a data cable and output in a variety of formats)

    --- Alex

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