Tom Parker tparker at netspace.net.au
Sat Apr 3 07:09:15 EST 2004


> I've got a Garmin GPS12, and its a good unit. If i was choosing again,
> I'd probably get one of the eTrex series. eTrex is lighter, and across
> the range of eTrex units there are extra features like ones with an
> altimeter and inbuilt magnetic compass (rather than a 'compass' based
> on relative location readings).

I bought a Garmin eTrex (yellow) in the US and have used it a bit here
mostly walking.  We compared the altimeter to a pressure based one we
were carrying, both were accurate enough to find our position amongst
contours (although we lost GPS in the woods at times).

I really like it, seems to meet your requirements (buy a 3rd party
serial cable on ebay or online).  I have the cable, but I've never used


The yellow eTrex does not have the inbuilt magnetic sensor.  I am told
that these really kill batteries and thus are not so useful (you can
turn them off to conserve power).

Unless you want mapping, this unit is probably enough.


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