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Fri Apr 2 19:27:43 EST 2004

Friday, April 2, 2004, 6:35:00 PM, you wrote:

S> Hi guys,
S> anybody know about GPS?
S> i have few types to choose, *Garmin Geko 101, **Garmin eTrex, **and
S> Garmin GPS 12.
S> *I need a GPS which can measure distance, altitude and also bearing.

I've got a Garmin GPS12, and its a good unit. If i was choosing again,
I'd probably get one of the eTrex series. eTrex is lighter, and across
the range of eTrex units there are extra features like ones with an
altimeter and inbuilt magnetic compass (rather than a 'compass' based
on relative location readings).

GPS12 has a data output port (get cheap cables here:
http://www.gpsoz.com.au/Garmin_Plugs.htm), that can also be attached
to a car's cigarette lighter socket to power the unit. GPS12 doesn't
have an external antenna jack (and is a factory welded sealed unit, so
no modding!), however I've had no problems with it working sitting in
my car (e.g. on passenger seat). You can make passive antenna
"extenders" though, however I don't know how well they work.

GPS12 also supports NMEA and Garmin data protocols, so can be used
with appropriate software for downloading where you've been,
waypoints, routes, and doing live moving-map stuff.

The GPS12 can also do altitude, but its based on the datum used, so is
calculated.  I've seen it reading "12 metres above sea level" when I'm
standing on a beach.  The eTrex summit, I believe, has a
pressure-based altimeter.  That said, the GPS12 is fine for relative
altitude measurements.

You can do distance and bearing with the GPS12. It'll either tell you
the distance and bearing from where you are now to a marked waypoint,
or you can give it two waypoints and it'll tell you the distance and
bearing between.

That's all I can think of for now. Any more questions, feel free to
email me directly or send to the list.


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