[MLB-WIRELESS] Downpipe Antenna??

Nick Sibbing nick.sibbing at arts.monash.edu.au
Tue Nov 18 16:08:45 EST 2003

This page: http://www.freenet-antennas.com/Waveguide has an excel
> spreadsheet that includes the designs for 8+0, 8+8, 16+0, and 16+16 slot
> waveguide antennas.
> Rob Clark (The Downpipe Guy)

Thanks for that link Rob
I checked out the spreadsheet and the slots seem to have rounded ends.
Is this just to make it easier to construct at the expense of gain? Or
are round ends preferable for the slots in the downpipe antennas. 

If rounded ends are the go then are the position and dimensions measured
to the outside or center of the curve. Looks like to the apex of the
curve but I wanted to check

Also I'm curious as to why the downpipe antenna tests report a 2dB
improvement over the Trevor Marshall design


Regards Nick Sibbing

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