[MLB-WIRELESS] TIB offer? SIP Phones

andrewg at d2.net.au andrewg at d2.net.au
Thu Nov 13 12:57:35 EST 2003

>> I think if we have a "central" setup, this will help with Melbourne
>> Wireless's reputation, as it can be "a look @ what we've
>> got". I know in
>> some cases family members who otherwise wouldn't be
>> interested would want
>> to join in.
> Hey, "free phone calls for members and their families" would be a nice
> juicy sweetener for MW... :-)  Of course, it would have to be explained
> that both ends have to be members and there's no connection to the PSTN.

Need a decent directory service, but thats a technicality. wrt PSTN
access, this may be possible by including
http://www.fwd.pulver.com/index.php in the configuration, granted it only
gives you access to

*1800xxx-xxxx US Toll free access
*1888-xxxx    US Toll free access
*1877xxx-xxxx US Toll Free access
*1866xxx-xxxx US Toll Free access
*44-800-....  UK Toll Free access
*44-500-....  UK Toll Free access
*44-808-....  UK Toll Free access
*31-800-....  Netherlands Toll Free access
*33-800-....  French Free access (in test)

(see http://www.fwd.pulver.com/index.php?section_id=88)

But thats pretty cool, and useful sometimes. Inside australia, you /might/
be able to talk to one of the telcos and do local tollfree calls... but I
wouldn't hold my breath.

Also, given enough linkage, you might be able to avoid long distance
charges inside australia, given enough people got cards like the
voicetronix.com or digium.com and cost sharing was worked out, but that i
don't think would be likely in the short-medium term.

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