[MLB-WIRELESS] TIB offer? SIP Phones

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Thu Nov 13 12:35:56 EST 2003

> I'd be interested in doing a melb-wireless VoIP setup, but 
> its likely I'm
> going to be in the US for a while, and currently I'm living 
> in .nz. (Which
> reminds me, the membership reminder messages need to have a 
> email now, and
> email you back in like 4-5 days, due to often I'll see a 
> vaguely important
> email and think I'll get back to that later..)

I feel Melb Wireless should aim to do a VoIP hookup, because every time VoIP
has been raised, there is a very high level of interest.  That indicates
there's the potential for it to be a "killer app" on the network.
> >
> > ....maybe Tony really can have 1900-VK3JED or 0055-VK3JED
> Reminds me when I was getting the pulltheplug convo up, and 
> someone prank
> called someone else trying to sell them insurance. was very 
> funny, because
> the person he called managed to confuse him enough.


> I think if we have a "central" setup, this will help with Melbourne
> Wireless's reputation, as it can be "a look @ what we've 
> got". I know in
> some cases family members who otherwise wouldn't be 
> interested would want
> to join in.

Hey, "free phone calls for members and their families" would be a nice juicy
sweetener for MW... :-)  Of course, it would have to be explained that both
ends have to be members and there's no connection to the PSTN.

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