[MLB-WIRELESS] DLink Warranty Line

David Ng nudge at d2.net.au
Thu Nov 6 18:39:53 EST 2003

Hmmmm, thats no good.

My DLink 900AP+ also seemed to have died last weekend.
I wasn't home at the time, but there was a power outage last weekend, so
that may have caused it.

The powerpack looks fine and the device powers up ok and the web interface
works, but wireless connectivity is dead.
In the stats page it reports that no packets are being received on the
wireless side.
I haven't had the time to chase up on it (exams..ergh), but I've tried
resetting it and downgrading firmware to no avail.
Its hooked up to an external antenna at the moment, so it could be the
antenna playing up (somehow I doubt it though).

If the device itself is dead then I hope thier support line is willing to


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> Hi All,
> I purchaced a DLink-900AP+ about 6 months ago. Worked fine for the past
> months, then the PS caught fire. No idea how, its running on a proper
> sinewave UPS which also runs my servers. So I gather its almost impossible
> it was a surge, the logs on the UPS show no fluctuations for more than a
> month before the incident. The PS caused the AP to no longer work, after
> replacing the PS with a regulated 5V supply.
> Gave the warranty line a call, all sorted sending me out a form etc.
> I cannot believe how rude and inconsiderate the tech was on the phone.
> I told him what happend, I explained the incident. He was about to end the
> call, "Fax this number, tell us the part and we will send out a new PS".
> Obviously he didn't listen. So I explained again what happend, then
> 'schoffed' and got real shirty. Ended up with him getting irate and "I am
> going to email you a form, that you are going to fill out, send into us
> the supply and the AP. We will then decide if you will get a replacement".
> I like their products, but their support needs hell of a lot of work :-@
> -- Mathew
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