[MLB-WIRELESS] Introduction Letter

paul van den bergen pvandenbergen at swin.edu.au
Wed Feb 19 16:15:16 EST 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:49 am, wireless at shippen.net wrote:
> A letter like this distributed amongst the community could create more
> trouble than its worth. Before long you will have action groups against the
> AP's and parabolic antenna's that suddenly appear on peoples skylines. Your
> nieghbours will start complaining that thier kids are in danger of
> radiation etc...
> What is the purpose of the letter? Membership drive?
> I think a letter is a good idea, BUT, it would be better to target similar
> user groups, i.e LUV, MelbPC, underwater basketweavers (maybe not), etc,
> rather than Joe down the street who had no idea how to log into Windows,
> let alone setup a wireless link.

I take your point, but I do disagree somewhat... if done poorly, it would be 
bad.  careful wording, careful targetting, etc. would be very valuable.

for example, in areas where there is a need to increased connectivity, a 
letter drop would be ideal to catch the occasional vital interested party 
that would connect a missing link.  You'd only have to get a few to make it 
worth while.

the other area that it would be really REALLY useful is in the bush.  If I was 
going to get the internet on in whoopwhoop, I'd want to defray the costs 
amoungst my neighbours...  MW could provide a stepping stone to individuals 
achieving this type of infrastructure - now before anyone jumps up and down, 
it is not my intention that MW become an ISP.  just that we are a focal point 
for knowledge and howto.

Dr Paul van den Bergen
Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures
pvandenbergen at swin.edu.au
It's a book. Non-volatile storage media. Everyone should have one.

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