[MLB-WIRELESS] Introduction Letter

Alfred Shippen wireless at shippen.net
Wed Feb 19 20:47:13 EST 2003

> > I think a letter is a good idea, BUT, it would be better to target
> > user groups, i.e LUV, MelbPC, underwater basketweavers (maybe not), etc,
> > rather than Joe down the street who had no idea how to log into Windows,
> > let alone setup a wireless link.
> >
> I take your point, but I do disagree somewhat... if done poorly, it would
> bad.  careful wording, careful targetting, etc. would be very valuable.

Yes, this is what I am trying to say. You need to target your prospects, and
you should get better results.

> for example, in areas where there is a need to increased connectivity, a
> letter drop would be ideal to catch the occasional vital interested party
> that would connect a missing link.  You'd only have to get a few to make
> worth while.

I dont know about that, to make it worth while you need the resources to
print material, someone or many people to letter box drop, and the return
will be minimal, if at all. This sort of marketting is akin to the very
thing most of us hate, spam.

Far better to, as you say, target groups such as the bush (people who would
benefit) , and the geek community (people who would tinker). There must be a
percieved benefit for the masses to get involved.

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