[MLB-WIRELESS] Best Radio and Antenna Gain Configuration?

Jamie Lovick jalovick at doof.org
Fri Feb 7 12:01:03 EST 2003


On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Michael McDermott wrote:
> I have a question in regards to the best radio and antenna gain
> configuration.
> Which configuration will give the best signal quality:
> 1) A high powered radio (200 mW) (23 dBm) with a 13 dBi Antenna, OR
> 2) A low powered radio (30 mW) (15 dBm) with a 20 dBi Antenna.

It really depends on the equipment.

Most higher power cards do not have a very good receive sensativity, and
in general lower power cards do. However a higher gain dish can pick up
more noise aswell.

If you're trying for a long distance point to point link, i'd go with a
higher gain narrow beamwidth antenna and a low power radio.

If I was setting up an AP and wanted reasonable coverage from an Omni,
I'd probably go for a higher powered card (maybe 100 mW, to still have
reasonable sensativity).

Depending on conditions, the 15 dBm/20 dBi combo should get you around
15 to 20 Km's or so anyway, with a good frenzel zone and line of site.



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