[MLB-WIRELESS] Best Radio and Antenna Gain Configuration?

Michael McDermott michael at veritech.com.au
Fri Feb 7 11:11:22 EST 2003

I have a question in regards to the best radio and antenna gain configuration.

Which configuration will give the best signal quality:

1) A high powered radio (200 mW) (23 dBm) with a 13 dBi Antenna, OR
2) A low powered radio (30 mW) (15 dBm) with a 20 dBi Antenna.

As an analogy, in audio systems the signal takes the following path:

* Input Socket
* Input Preamplifier
* Equalization
* Output Fader

Having a lower input gain will allow for a cleaner signal to be carried to 
the output fader. Increasing the input gain will overload the preamplifier 
and send distorted signal to the output stage.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Michael R McDermott BEng (Comp. Eng.), MACS
Pre-Sales Technical Consultant
Veritech Australia Pty Ltd

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