[MLB-WIRELESS] Node BCA is closing down

sandbar sandbar at ozemail.com.au
Tue Oct 22 22:49:36 EST 2002

Ey everyone,
After almost 12 months of trying, I've conceeded that I cannot afford to
dedicate any more time, money and effort to establishing a node.
Therefore, the following items are available to those who want them:

WL200 card with male and female pigtails
6.5m galvanised steel mast and mounts
8dBi omni
18dBi galaxy with 5m of LMR-400 terminating in a female n-type
5m of LMR-400, male to female n-type
PII 233MHz, 48Mb RAM
5dBi magnetic mount omni on 2m of cable terminating in a female n-type

At this stage I don't care about money. I'd prefer to give stuff to people
who really need it rather than people who are being opportunistic. Contact
me off-list if you want any stuff. First to pick it up gets it.  Anything
left at the end of this week I'll donate to Melbourne Wireless.

Sunday's antenna raising really was my last shot at getting a working
node up and it didn't work.

I'll get the installfest out of the way before I withdraw from Melbourne
- Barry

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