[MLB-WIRELESS] Node BCA is closing down

John Dalton jdalton at bigfoot.com.au
Wed Oct 23 10:40:52 EST 2002

Hi Barry,

> After almost 12 months of trying, I've conceeded that I cannot afford to
> dedicate any more time, money and effort to establishing a node.
> Therefore, the following items are available to those who want them:

It'll be sad to see a person go...

As a last guesture Barry, would it be possible to write a
constructive piece on why you are leaving and the difficulties
you faced (technical and political)?  That way, those of us who
are left may be able to remedy the problems you had and avoid
following the same path.  Maybe it will even lead to someone
producing a 'off the shelf' solution which may convince you
to join us again in the future?

I would be interested in some of the gear (pigtail, cable and antenna),
but I'm located in Sydney (boo hiss).

Best wishes for ther future

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