[MLB-WIRELESS] Sort of access point?!

lrich at ruralnet.net.au lrich at ruralnet.net.au
Mon Nov 19 10:59:58 EST 2001

This is the gear Ive got and what I want to do.  I have got an old compaq 486 
laptop, 2 x cisco pcmcia with mmcx, and 2 client boxes with cisco pci cards in.  
There is a high point in between the two clients where i want to put the laptop.  
If im just shuffling packets from one pcm to the other in the laptop, can it 
easily be done under linux?  All I want to do is use windows networking from one 
pc to another, are there tricks to allow all the approapriate protocalls 
through?   File transfer, gaming and internet sharing shouldnt present too many 
issues , should they?  Cheers.

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