[MLB-WIRELESS] Wireless Bridging

Jason Jordan jas at pcguru.com.au
Mon Nov 19 01:02:53 EST 2001

I was having a bit of a quiet ponder on how to turn this IBM Stinkpad I have sitting
here doing not very much into an access point of sorts.

I've already been able to get it to route using the one wireless card by doing some
geeky magic with ip subnetting and a virtual interface.  It works but tastes bad.

Then I remembered the bridge software - a quick dejagoogle later, testing fails
miserably because it sees the real interface and virtual interface as having
the same mac address.

Being a tad naive, I then tried to issue an "ifconfig ether hw xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"
against the virtual interface with no luck.

Yes, I too thought that was the end of a possible winner.

Then I remembered VMWare and Plex86.  Somehow they both manage to 
do "virtual" bridging.  So it does appear to be possible.  I'm not sure what 
black arts are involved but at least I know it can be done.

Has anyone looked at this?  If not - hopefully there are some users on these lists
that may get an idea from my travels and could leverage off the GPLed code in 
Plex86 to help us all get our Orinoco cards to function as bridges and therefore
act as cheaper and feature-depleted AP's.

cheers, jas
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