[MLB-WIRELESS] Networking Gear for Sale.

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Mon Nov 19 08:52:06 EST 2001

> OK guys enough of the flaming emails, if you wanna sell shit, 
> @ least just post a request to have
> it placed on the web site, the pipe and the server are 
> getting good workout.  So if you
> like selling stuff, then maybe I think we'll add a for sale 
> section to the website, all 
> those in favor simply use the vote on the main page.. 

As someone who rarely checks in on the web site, I think one off ad postings
have a place on the list.  URLs can (and should, if possible) be added to
direct the reader to further information on the goods for sale.

A for sale section on the web ste is a geat idea, but I feel I'll get little
use out of it, unless something directs my attention there.  

I vote for the happy medium of no more than _one_ advertising email (with
the exception of corrections for typos, etc under reasonable circumstances)
per person per lot of goods sold/week, whichever is the longer period of
time. Those who want the latest info can always check up on the web.

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