[MLB-WIRELESS] RE:(Why So Many Problems) Most humble appologi es!

dwayne dwayne at pobox.com
Mon Nov 19 21:24:16 EST 2001

Tony Langdon wrote:

>>oh ok and if you want some of it youll have to check the 
>>website and contact me via direct email or phone ,, ps you 
>>should have the website url as its been sent sooooo many times ....
>Thanks.  I'll keep an eye on the website from time to time.  If you ever do
>get some cheap wireless stuff (one can only dream! :) ), a once off posting
>here would go down well, I think. :)

We should have a policy for this in the future? I personally don't mind 
a posting once a week, with whatever ads people like in their sigs 
(within reason). The main issue people had with this was a bunch of 
messages in a row, and the perceived mercenary nature of the whole thing.

So, can we have some sort of consensus on this?

- No ads at all?   (I'm not sure this is preferable)
- ads per designated frequency (once a week? month?)
- subject-line notification (put [AD] in subject line etc.


Because this will crop up again in the future, with the accompanying 
flames, gripes, long-running discussion, etc.

my vote: ads, once a week or fortnight, stuff in subject line


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