[MLB-WIRELESS] Why So Many Problems

admin admin at staff.monterey.vic.edu.au
Fri Nov 16 15:18:39 EST 2001

Hi Everyone,

now i thought this would be good if i could let everyone here get hold of some decent hardware at reasonably cheap prices , ive had a few remarks made back I did  send a few emails with urls etc in them but also discounted my prices massively to members, some products were old stock others were second hand - all I can see is you try to help people and you get staked in the back  ,,

ok if you are still reading there will not be any more special , emails , or the like from now on in .... 

you find your own prices, since you obviously dont like discounted cost price equipement , ive spent the last 2 weeks trying to beat wholesalers down on prices to resell to you guys and just as i fing someone who will sell products at a good prices I get this ... tuff luck i suppose

Matthew Smith
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